Fintiv is focused on making the world a more mobile place with a
mobile commerce platform that brings together payments, loyalty
programs and marketing campaigns in one place.





Engaging with customers in a digital world means delivering relevant and timely messages to the one device they are never without...their mobile phone. Fintiv makes marketing and customer engagement easy with a single platform that allows you to create, schedule, target and track campaigns.



Mobile Wallet

The Fintiv mobile wallet platform is a single integration point that allows you to offer mobile payments, loyalty programs, offers and ads all from one place.



Rewards Program

Fintiv gives you one place to create, customize and manage any number of loyalty or rewards programs. Reward customers for any behavior and have them redeem and track loyalty rewards directly from the mobile app. From points to stamps to SVA, Fintiv gives you the power to automate your loyalty programs and rewards.



Cloud Payments

Fintiv uses a highly sophisticated algorithm to assess your previous transactions, ensuring that each individual transaction is properly rated based on all parameters - including risk. Most transactions aren’t as risky as your payment processor assigns, and with less risk we can offer lower processing fees.

Reduce Technological Risk

Fintiv abstracts the risk of
technology obsolescence
by ensuring advances in
technology are available
to your company as they
are introduced to the

Marketing Made Easy

Fintiv provides one webbased
portal for
designing, publishing
and reporting on multichannel
ads, offers and
messaging programs.

Speed to Market

Fintiv drastically
increases your speed to
market by offering our
core services as
modules, so you can pick
and choose the right
solutions to add to your
current lineup.

Lower Cost of

With fewer vendors to
manage, a reduced
investment in
technology, and lower
interchange fees, Fintiv
reduces the cost of


The Fintiv platform is versatile. That’s why we can customize services for any industry. A modular
design and ability to integrate with existing providers or architecture gives Fintiv the flexibility you
need to grow as technology changes.
Fintiv manages the technology and the ever-changing landscape of software solutions while you
focus on business. Fintiv really is a one-stop-shop. Creating a digital customer experience has
never been easier.


Fintiv understands the unique regulatory and security needs of the financial industry. We’ve been working closely with financial institutions around the world for over 10 years. Whether you’re a bank, a credit union or a payment processor, Fintiv’s secure platform can enhance your mobile capabilities, giving your customers access to more services directly from their mobile phone.


QSRs face a unique set of challenges in an ever changing market. Not only is there competition for share of stomach, there’s increasing competition to keep up with technology. It’s not just about good food for a good price anymore, relevancy and convenience are a top priority for customers.


With Fintiv’s platform, you’re mobile app can be more than just coupons. Fintiv allows you to send customized offers based on previous purchase history, customer preferences or location. Let customers pay with their mobile phone at check out using credit, debit or gift cards stored in their mobile wallet, and send rewards immediately after purchase to drive repeat business.


The Fintiv platform creates an entirely digital ecosystem for colleges and universities that allows everything to be done through a mobile app. Incentivize behaviors with offers and ads, then reward those behaviors with points or perks. Pay using a mobile phone anywhere on campus, and even at surrounding businesses.

Reasons for Choosing Us


We make digital simple.
Our platform works seamlessly with
existing architecture to bring your customer journey into
the digital age.

We influence customer behavior.
We help you interact with your customers in a timely,
relevant and lasting way by influencing behavior with
offers, notifications, marketing, payments, rewards
and loyalty programs.

We manage it all.
The entire customer journey can be managed
through our platform. No need to source multiple
vendors, it’s all right there.

Success In Numbers


We Operate All Over the World

Fintiv works anywhere you do business. Our platform is
currently available in 12 languages, enables payments in
any market, and can easily integrate to existing service
providers in your area.